NIX International offers our clients, natural person or legal entity, all the advisory service to obtain the accreditation at the Integrated System of Foreign Affairs on the following categories:

Legal Entity:

1. Express, to the companies that suits on the following description:

  • Legal entity built under public limited company with stocks negociated in stock markets or in counter markets as well as their wholly-owned subisidiary;
  • Legal entity authorized to use Express Custom Clearance (Blue Line), in terms of the law IN SRF # 476,dated at December, 13th, 2004;
  • Public company or mixed economy partnership;
  • Institution of direct public administration, autarky and public foundation, autonomous public institution, international institution and other offshore institutions;
  • v. Legal Entity able to use fiscal benefits foreseen on the Law # 12.350, dated at December, 20th, 2010; and
  • vi. Legal Entity that wants to act only with export operations;

2. Unlimited: for operations with values over USD 150.000,00 (one hundred fifty thousand United States dollars) per semester;

3. Limited: for operations with values equal or under USD 150.000,00 (one hundred fifty thousand United States dollars) per semester.

4. Natural Person to make the following operations:

  • International trade operations to accomplish professional activities, included under the condition of rural producer, handcrafter, artist or alike;
  • Import process for own use;
  • Import process for personal collection